Gemstone Fish Sculptures- at Sara Schneidman Gallery, Culpeper, VA!

A background in metalwork and jewelry design is the inspiration for my hanging sculptures. I think of them as oversized jewelry compositions that hang.   Like earrings for giants.  To be hung in a house, near a window is good, but I like them better against the plain background of a blank wall, from a ceiling hook or a plant hanger.  Then you can see up close all the treasures inside these fish.  From chopsticks to bone picks from Kenya, to rusty washers I pick up along the road, (where do they all come from?) to the gemstones inside- turquoise, freshwater pearls, amethyst, prisms, and Swarovski crystals, these fish swim in the air, sparkling and waiting for someone to take a closer look.


urchin, profile1

“The Urchin, Spike”

Urchin spike

“The Urchin, Spike” 12×14.5″



















What the fish said 1

“what the fish said” 17×29″


See these fish, and more, at Sara Schneidman Gallery, Culpeper, VA

             125 East Davis St, Culpeper, VA 22701   540-825-0034 or find her on Facebook.   Or contact me through this website contact page for more info.


Everfresh right side   Everfresh detail

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