“Sacred Places” New Paintings now showing at Left Bank Gallery, Wellfleet, MA

Now Showing at Left Bank Gallery in Wellfleet, MA,  over 20 new paintings,  on display through August 26.   Click here for full listing of available paintings and prices: http://www.leftbankgallery.com/collections/patte-ormsby

Sacred Places“, a series of new paintings is a celebration of the fleeting delicacy that is our earthly home; and, it begins with my most treasured of places, on the shores of the Cape. Cherished memories, places in time, spent on clear cool nights under a timeless starry Wellfleet sky, toes warmed by the sand, a gentle breeze, the sound of the sea, no worries in sight or mind, just the moment, the infinite moment. These are the holy things, the sacred places I want to share, to celebrate, to worship, to paint. “Sacred Places” are mixed media paintings inspired by Italian Renaissance iconic altarpieces. The use of spray enamel, oil, metal leaf, patina, rust and more, in a process combining an alchemy of old master technique with contemporary composition, is my homage to special places and times it has been my privilege to know.” Patte Ormsby


“Thanks for All the Fish” 42″x36″


"The Ones That Got Away" 42x48"

“The Ones That Got Away” 42″x48″


"Tapestry" 7"x17"

“Tapestry” 7″x17″

"Place of Worship" 12x12

“Place of Worship” 12x

"The Mother's Blessing" 12"x12"

“The Mother’s Blessing” 12″


"The Sea Does What it Oughta" 6"x12"

“The Sea Does What it Oughta” 6″x12″


"Sticks in the Garden" 6"x12"

“Sticks in the Garden” 6″x12″

"Magi- Gaspar"

“Magi- Gaspar” 30″x30″

"New Wave, Hokusai" 9"x12"

“New Wave, Hokusai” 9″x12″

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