Duvall Designs Gallery Presents Art at the Mill! MINE!

Mill show waves

“The Mother’s Blessing”, 13×13″    “Day 4 1/2″, 40×40”     “Wave”, 24×24″           “Blaze”, 14×10″

Here is just a glimpse of a few of my paintings now showing through May 14, 2017 at the Mill at Carter Hall, 2611 Millwood, VA 22646

Duvall Designs Gallery Presents an evolving commentary and presentation of contemporary art based in the midst of hunt country in old Virginia. Curated by Designer, Peggy Duvall. Featuring the original mixed media paintings by Patte Reider Ormsby. ME!

To see the complete inventory of paintings in this show please go to:   https://www.duvalldesignsgallery.com/patte-ormsby

All are available for sale by calling Peggy Duvall via the link above for further info or purchase.

And for the most up to date information about my art and current projects, please check out my Facebook art page:    https://www.facebook.com/patteormsbyart/      I am much better at posting on Facebook than updating my website!



“Ave!” 48×42″                       “Home” 17×20″


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