Mill show waves

“The Mother’s Blessing”, 13×13″    “Day 4 1/2″, 40×40”     “Wave”, 24×24″           “Blaze”, 14×10″

Here is just a glimpse of a few of my paintings now showing through May 14, 2017 at the Mill at Carter Hall, 2611 Millwood, VA 22646

Duvall Designs Gallery Presents an evolving commentary and presentation of contemporary art based in the midst of hunt country in old Virginia. Curated by Designer, Peggy Duvall. Featuring the original mixed media paintings by Patte Reider Ormsby. ME!

To see the complete inventory of paintings in this show please go to:

All are available for sale by calling Peggy Duvall via the link above for further info or purchase.

And for the most up to date information about my art and current projects, please check out my Facebook art page:      I am much better at posting on Facebook than updating my website!



“Ave!” 48×42″                       “Home” 17×20″


"The Ones That Got Away" 42x48"

“The Ones That Got Away” 42×48″


“The Ones That Got Away”    42×48″    mixed media with spray enamel, metal leaf, patina, rust and oil glazes

Though I know this view by heart, with my eyes closed, this painting is a departure from an early morning photo I took of Great Island from Nauhaught Bluff.  This is a sacred place for me, and I approached it’s rendering with my usual references to Italian Renaissance holy works; gold leaf, pattern, and rich color among them.  It’s a large painting, and as I worked I felt something was missing.  I put paint on. I took paint off.  Torn between the realism of my photo and the view in my head, I found the realism to be empty of emotion and not the sacred place I love.

I put the photo away.  I struggled. I put my insomnia time to good use looking to art history for inspiration, and discovered forgotten references that had already shown up in my painting unbeknown to my conscious mind. …This just in: Renaissance inspired painter stumbles through the Medici Chapel of the Magi, thinks about modernism, channeling Klee and Chagall, while haunted by ghosts of Bruegel, Bosch and Basquiat, as she reinterprets O’Keeffe’s “Sky Above Clouds” into gridded square holes in the heavens…

Fish, a personal icon, appear, and then disappear, leaving traces of themselves in the painting, and I think about the ones that got away.  Meanwhile, the material world intrudes as life outside the painting is oxymoronically filled with loss. Robin Williams leaves the planet, along with Dear Ones of all species, human and otherwise, disappearing from the earth and our lives.  And suddenly the painting, having taken on a life of its own is a metaphorical story about art, about history, about love and loss, of sacred people, places and things.  Just like any self respecting Renaissance holy work.


"The Ones that Got Away" Detail

“The Ones that Got Away” Detail

Now Showing at Left Bank Gallery in Wellfleet, MA,  over 20 new paintings,  on display through August 26.   Click here for full listing of available paintings and prices:

Sacred Places“, a series of new paintings is a celebration of the fleeting delicacy that is our earthly home; and, it begins with my most treasured of places, on the shores of the Cape. Cherished memories, places in time, spent on clear cool nights under a timeless starry Wellfleet sky, toes warmed by the sand, a gentle breeze, the sound of the sea, no worries in sight or mind, just the moment, the infinite moment. These are the holy things, the sacred places I want to share, to celebrate, to worship, to paint. “Sacred Places” are mixed media paintings inspired by Italian Renaissance iconic altarpieces. The use of spray enamel, oil, metal leaf, patina, rust and more, in a process combining an alchemy of old master technique with contemporary composition, is my homage to special places and times it has been my privilege to know.” Patte Ormsby


“Thanks for All the Fish” 42″x36″


"The Ones That Got Away" 42x48"

“The Ones That Got Away” 42″x48″


"Tapestry" 7"x17"

“Tapestry” 7″x17″

"Place of Worship" 12x12

“Place of Worship” 12x

"The Mother's Blessing" 12"x12"

“The Mother’s Blessing” 12″


"The Sea Does What it Oughta" 6"x12"

“The Sea Does What it Oughta” 6″x12″


"Sticks in the Garden" 6"x12"

“Sticks in the Garden” 6″x12″

"Magi- Gaspar"

“Magi- Gaspar” 30″x30″

"New Wave, Hokusai" 9"x12"

“New Wave, Hokusai” 9″x12″

Torso 15

Torso 15, 36″ x 24″



This series of direct relief mono prints is inspired by Gyotaku, the traditional Japanese art of fish printing.  Technically, these are direct relief monoprints, which means they are taken directly from the subject and each print is unique, as in one of a kind. Live models allowed me to make prints of their torsos on handmade paper.  These are body prints, Gyotaku for humans.*

They began as an experiment, with me as the first guinea pig, so I would know what I was asking of my models.  My intention was to portray the human figure in an anonymous, non traditional way, free of portraiture,  as a search for human essence.

What I got was a timeless, primitive, almost archeological trace of a human being.  And while at first glance the images appear anonymous, closer inspection reveals intimate details the likes of wrinkles, earlobes, crows feet, belly buttons, and, yes, even nipples; so much that, they offer a subtle glimpse of individual identity, graceful evidence of a living being as identifiable as a fingerprint, and as uniquely beautiful as a snowflake.


*No humans were harmed in the making of this art.

From Gallery Flux to your house!  Well okay, this is my house.  But I just wanted you to see how it looks in a home situation.  And not everyone’s family room has Benjamin Moore’s purple lace walls, or African mud cloth thrown over the back of their Henrdon sofa,  but imagine a vibrant contemporary painting in your family room.  This baby would light it up in a traditional setting, with antiques, with cottage style, with shabby chic, you name it!  Art transcends, illuminates, enhances.  It’s all good.

Day 4.5 Rocking the gallery!Day4.5 loving the family room


This show of new work is at Gallery Flux, 307B England Street, Ashland, VA.  The work will be on exhibit till May 1, 2015.

There will be another Artists Reception on Thursday, April 2, from 5:30 till 8:00.  Do yourself a favor and go see this beautiful gallery. Then head down the street for a bite at The Iron Horse.  Ashland is a great little town, worth a nice day outing!


Left, “Filter: Genesis” 54×48″, center, “This is a Stick Up” and right, “It’s Red, It’s Red I tell you!” both of these are 24×24″

For a complete listing of my work at this show, go to Gallery Flux’s website  for images, sizes and prices. 


“World’s Apart” diptych 36×48″ on right, “Grate Big, Too” 48×48″



“Little Tini” wire & glass sculpture. One of three in this show.














42″x48″, mixed media with metal leaf, patina and oil glaze on panel


Newest, prettiest, biggest fish, just swam it’s way from my studio to Sara’s window.  Now showing,  “Modernist Tale”  27×18″  full of gemstones, found art and modernist inspiration.

“Miro!” said Chagall, to Kandinsky and Klee.


Modernist left1

Modernist tail a

Modernist tail 2


I am very happy to announce the Charlottesville debut of my paintings at Les Yeux du Monde’s group show, “Amazonas”,  in collaboration with the Wintergreen Summer Music Festival and Accademy.  On view at the gallery from June 20 through July 20, 2014. Gallery hours Thursday-Sunday 1-5pm & by appointment. Les Yeux du Monde is located at 841 Wolf Trap Road, Charlottesville, VA 22911.  434-973-5566 for more info.   Or check out the website at .
To the Morning

A background in metalwork and jewelry design is the inspiration for my hanging sculptures. I think of them as oversized jewelry compositions that hang.   Like earrings for giants.  To be hung in a house, near a window is good, but I like them better against the plain background of a blank wall, from a ceiling hook or a plant hanger.  Then you can see up close all the treasures inside these fish.  From chopsticks to bone picks from Kenya, to rusty washers I pick up along the road, (where do they all come from?) to the gemstones inside- turquoise, freshwater pearls, amethyst, prisms, and Swarovski crystals, these fish swim in the air, sparkling and waiting for someone to take a closer look.


urchin, profile1

“The Urchin, Spike”

Urchin spike

“The Urchin, Spike” 12×14.5″



















What the fish said 1

“what the fish said” 17×29″


See these fish, and more, at Sara Schneidman Gallery, Culpeper, VA

             125 East Davis St, Culpeper, VA 22701   540-825-0034 or find her on Facebook.   Or contact me through this website contact page for more info.


Everfresh right side   Everfresh detail